Safely Bring Art Home

Don’t Go With Your Instinct. When we go to pick up anything our instinct is often to grab it where it is easiest. With framed art that is generally the top of the frame. This should always be avoided. Hangers are placed best when they are on either side of the frame to support and distribute the frames weight properly.  To avoid bowing the frame, pick it up your from the wire hanger or the with two hands on either side of the art.

Front to Front, Back to Back. If you have more than one piece, place the art front to front and back to back. This will keep the frames from being scratched by the hanging hardware.

Protection. Think about bringing a blanket with you to protect your piece on the ride home. If you do not bring one however we do have cardboard available to help you keep your piece safe from anything that could damage it in the car.

Brake! Occasionally we do have to brake hard. Try to position your art in a way that it will be secure and not move or shift.

Placement is Everything. Your art can be placed flat in the bed of your car or truck if you have something to secure it and keep it from shifting around. However, it is better to have your art in the back seat on the floor, propped at an angle. If you don’t have anyone with you, consider trying to lean your passenger seat back so that it can secure the art you have in the backseat.