Shadow Boxes – a great way to preserve memorabilia


Why should I invest in a shadow box frame?

There are so many fun things you can do with shadow boxes! They are an excellent way to display memorabilia and objects you hold dear, and create a stunning 3-dimensional piece of art for your wall.

We’ve created a lot of great shadow boxes over the years for our customers who had some fun items to display. Here are a few of them.

Graduation Shadow Box:

There’s no better way to commemorate your graduate’s big day. We added photos, her sash, her diploma and even the tassels! Imagine what items you could place in your graduate shadow box!












Precious China

Preserve Grandma’s precious china she gifted you by displaying it proudly in your own kitchen. We are always excited to see new fun challenges to create shadow boxes with.

Here are a few more shadow boxes we have created for our customers! Which one is your favorite? We are proud to support our military and can even help you find lost medals and ribbons for your veteran.

Call us or come into either location in Idaho Falls to see how we can help you build the shadow box you’ve been dreaming of.

Preserving Precious Memories


Preserve Precious Memories Of Your Baby

There’s no arguing that a baby photo frame makes a nice gift, but who says you can’t make one for yourself? If you’ve ever had a baby shower, then you have no doubt got a baby photo frame or 2 as something special. 

Even though you get multiple during a baby shower, you know that there will be several pictures taken of the baby that you will have to supply your frame for. You know your baby is special, so why not design a baby photo frame which has your child’s footprint captured for eternity? It is much easier than you think.

When you sit and hold your baby, you might do the same things that other parents do, such as play with the child’s fingers and rub those tiny little feet. Nothing comes close to being as sweet as a child, especially the newborns.

This particular time is very special, you would love it to last forever, but you realize that is not possible. There are ways that you can preserve a moment in time so that you will be able to look back from the years which lay ahead, and feel that special feeling once again. 
Creating a long-lasting imprint of your baby’s foot can be done in more ways than one. You may choose which one matches your needs. Since you are going to be making a pretty good feel for your baby’s foot, you want to use a method that creates no potential for harming your baby. 

Do not, under any circumstances, use regular run of the mill plaster to make an impression of your child’s hands or feet. Plaster heats up while setting, and will easily burn tender skin, so please don’t do anything which may harm your baby.

To safely make a baby footprint photo frame, you can use an ink kit which has special inks that won’t harm the fragile skin of your baby. These inks work well in capturing detail and clean up reasonably well. 

With this particular kit, you can make a detailed footprint in ink and add it to your baby photo frame. The perfect way to do that is by using a frame big enough for both the child’s photo, along with the ink stamp of your child’s foot. 

This kit is sold with a special type of molding material that does not heat up, and it sets quickly. The footprint is then ready to show beside your favorite baby photo! Some pre-designed baby photo frames have common footprints of babies’ feet embedded in them too, but it’s more unique if it comes directly from your baby’s foot. 

Then it’s time to put it all together! Bring all of your baby items to us and we will do the rest! KC Frames is your best choice for baby shadow boxes. Come in today to see your framing options.

Military Custom Framing, a beautiful tribute.


Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. 

We often receive requests from customers before Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day to create a unique display featuring memorabilia, awards, medals and the flag for a loved one who served in the military. We work closely with each customer to create a one-of-a-kind tribute to their serviceman/woman. We have a wide variety of options and configurations, many types of wood and metal frames to choose from, and different depths of boxes. 

To further customize the display, we often add a brass plate with name and rank or any other personalized message to honor the veteran. 

Here are some of the recent military memorabilia projects we have created for customers.


Lost medals?
We can help recover them for you.

Come into KC Framing Corner with some basic information and we can help retrieve lost medals. 

We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude here at KC Framing Corner for the sacrifice these brave men and women made for our country. The freedoms we enjoy today are not taken for granted. 



Graduation Framing Ideas


Custom Framing for Diplomas and Certificates

One of the greatest ways to preserve a memory is to frame a memento and mount it on a wall. Whether it’s a bachelor degree, masters degree, college degrees, high school diplomas, photographs, or a more unique bit of memorabilia, a quality frame serves two purposes. It preserves the contents inside and creates an excellent way to display something of value for everyone to see. When you have something unique you want to display and preserve, the best way to make it happen is by looking into custom frames.

Let’s say that your son was the star player on his varsity football team. He was so popular that the local newspaper interviewed him twice during his sporting career. Now that he’s left for college, you want to display his jersey as well as both of the news articles. This is where a unique framing design could elevate the visual appeal of your mementos. Instead of buying three separate boxes for three separate items KC Frames could design a work of art that would display the jersey and both articles beautifully.

This is where your local specialty frame shop comes in. Not every person is gifted with an especially strong eye for design. The simple fact is that most of your life you’ve seen every single picture, degree, and award hung in a brown, square frame somewhere around eye level. Your brain has been trained to think this way any time someone mentions any sort of wall-mounted display case. It takes an extremely creative person to branch out from a lifetime of conditioned expectation. Whatever piece of memorabilia you want to show off, a trained designer at KC Frames can look at the item, the wall, and the color scheme to create a work of art that not only highlights the object itself, but also creates a beautiful visual landscape across the whole surface.

When you are celebrating an accomplishment by immortalizing it inside of a box on the wall, it is likely that you want to preserve that memory forever. The durability of the framing device is extremely important to immortalizing objects, particular items such as diplomas, degrees and news articles that will fade and warp after years of being exposed to air and humidity.

Shoddy craftsmanship has cost many a collector their one-of-a-kind treasures simply by allowing air to slip in. Worse still is when the materials used to create the frame are so subpar that they themselves crack and warp over time. A poorly designed case could even be so structurally weak as to fall off the wall without warning. This would be especially devastating if there were anything fragile inside.

When it comes to your cherished memories, the aesthetics and durability should be on par with your emotional investment in the items themselves. Do not cut corners in preserving your past successes for a lifetime. Invest in custom frames that will not only keep your treasures safe but will highlight the items themselves in a new and interesting way. Contact KC Frames today to let us help you preserve the memory the right way.

When you are looking for a framing shop in Idaho Falls, know that KC Frames and KC Framing Corner can take care of your needs. We have over 60 years combined experience in fine framing and are eager to please our customers.


Spring Sale on now


Our Spring Sale is on Now thru May 11!

Enjoy 50% off Mats at the KC Framing Corner in Ammon. If you’ve been waiting to get that diploma framed, or your child’s graduation photos framed, don’t wait any longer! Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this great offer.

Idaho Falls Canvas Stretching


A unique way to display your artwork or photos from KC Framing Corner

Idaho Falls Canvas Wrapped printsPlacing photographs on canvas is a simple, yet efficient way to increase the potential of photos beyond the standard prints. Canvas prints turn photos or/and artwork into decorating wall art for home and commercial spaces with small extra effort. Professional artists and photographers manipulate canvas to display and showcase their work for ages, but recently, thanks to the widespread supply and affordability of top quality canvas prints, their use is not limited to pros. Printing photos as canvas wall art and laminating them is a superb way to protect them for a lifetime and preserve them from weathering, fading and tearing. This makes it an excellent option for showcasing wedding photos, family portraits as well as other pictures and artworks without the risk of exposing them to environmental damage. Here at KC Framing Corner in Idaho Falls we are committed to excellence in framing.. when it really matters.

Photos on Canvas – One Medium, Many Options

Professional artists are using canvas as the channel for their masterpieces for so many years. Today’s printing technology makes canvas an easily accessible and practical choice for anybody that has a picture to display and really wants to take advantage of the durability and archival quality of this medium.

Image result for framed canvasFramed canvas: Framing artwork and photographs is a classic display option that guards contents against physical and environmental damage. Canvas art prints in smooth wooden box frames make extremely attractive wall art for homes as well as offices. Framing gives difference and interest to photos on canvas and helps create a center point in a room.

Gallery wrapped canvas: One of the amazing visual advantages of the canvas as a medium is its stretchability. This quality provides its one of the most elegant display available options. ‘Gallery wrap’ is a fashionable alternative to framed canvas. Photos on canvas are stretched over dense wooden bars using a gallery stretcher and stapled tightly in place behind the frame. The canvas wraps seamlessly over the wooden frame, and the final product is a stylish, eye-popping museum-style display piece without having exposed frame or hardware – just photos or art appearing to float on walls. Gallery wrapped canvas is available to our customers in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rigby, Shelley, Blackfoot and the surrounding areas. Bring your ideas in to see what we can wrap for you.

Rolled canvas: People who choose to have their very own frames can still enjoy the benefits of putting their photographs on canvas. Rolled canvas prints are provided with all the benefits of the medium – durability, longevity, and fade-resistance – while providing you with the flexibility to create your display. They are lighter to ship and more convenient to store and can be an effective way to preserve the photos that you don’t really want to display immediately.

Each of the above offer great opportunities to expand the potential of art and photos. Regardless of whether you’re a photographer looking for the appropriate photo products to showcase or are trying to create personalized photo gifts or wall art for yourself or for family and friends – when you put photos on canvas, the opportunities explode.

Photos on Canvas – Unending ways to personalize:
Wrapped canvas prints make awesome gift items for friends and family for vacations and special occasions.

Wedding photos captured on canvas makes great anniversary gifts for each other and ‘Thank you’ gift items for members of the family on either side.
Photos on canvas look good in office cubes and dorm rooms.
Wrapped canvas prints make amazing retail or commercial displays.

Mother’s Day Framed Gifts


Personalized Frames Are Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a great holiday because it is a time when Mom can really be appreciated and gets a day that is all about her. On most days, a Mom worries about her children, her job, and the other things that are going on in her family’s life and she takes little time to worry about herself. This is why the gift that you give has to be one of a kind. There is nothing that Mothers love more than pictures of the family. Getting an updated family framed portrait is going to be great and in order to get the photo you are going to have to let her know. But it’s the frame that you give her that will be the complete surprise that she wasn’t expecting.

Personalized frames are a great way that you can give your Mother a special gift that she will cherish and treasure. You can put her name and date on it or have the frame engraved. There are many Mother’s Day frames that you can find around this special holiday, and since it is the season you can easily find springtime frames as well. Anything that matches the decor of her home is going to be a great choice. If you want you can ask her what she likes the best. Taking the time to have something personalized is going to show her how much you really care.

There are many different places you can shop to find these different items. You can first look in the area shops around you, and then online to find a larger selection with more choices if you can’t find what you are looking for. Be sure to set up the family photo early enough to be sure that you have the photo in time for Mother’s Day. This way the frame will be a complete surprise. Ask other family members if they want to go together to purchase the frame and if they do you can get a really nice frame. KC Framing Corner is here to help you find the perfect frame for your Mom. Come see us at either location to look at our wide variety of frames that will be perfect for your mother.

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and it is very important that you take the time to show your Mother that you truly appreciate all the things she does for everyone and how much she really means to all of you. Go out of your way this one day of the year to give her the gift that she is never going to forget.


Ready made frames at KC Framing Corner


Did you know that we have affordable framing options starting at only $6.00?

Our large selection of ready-made frames is perfect for anyone who needs a frame for a standard size print and doesn’t need any custom work. We have all of the following pre-made frame sizes:

  • 4×6
  • 5×7
  • 8×10
  • 11×14
  • 16×20

We are happy to offer affordable framing solutions in Idaho Falls.

When you are looking for affordable picture framing in Idaho Falls, look no further. KC Framing Corner located on Woodruff Ave in Idaho Falls has a huge selection of pre-made frames in standard sizes to make your picture framing easy and affordable.







With our huge selection of Ready-Made Frames in Idaho Falls, it has never been easier and more affordable to frame your photograph, print, certificate or anything else you have been wanting to display on your wall.

Our prices for our ready-made frames start at just $6.00!

Come into either location to see our selection of frames to suit your needs.

United Way Book Drive



We are proud to announce our participation in this year’s United Way of Idaho Falls Book Drive!

April 9-20 2018

To help low-income children and reduce “Summer Learning Loss,” United Way of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County will host the fourth annual United Way Children’s Book Drive. Businesses and organizations across Eastern Idaho will collect new and gently used children’s book April 9th-20th, 2018

United Way of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County and volunteers will sort, clean and distribute these books to schools, libraries, daycare centers, senior centers and so many more! Last year, we collected more than 7,500 books!

Book Drive Goal: Reducing ‘Summer Learning Loss’

During summer, low-income students regress by more than two months in reading achievement while their middle-class peers make slight gains. It’s a concept called Summer Learning Loss, and it’s a gap that widens for low-income children each year that they progress toward graduation.

According to the Idaho Department of Education, 63 percent of low-income first graders were reading at grade level in the spring of 2013. When they returned in the fall as second graders, only 41 percent were reading at grade level.

The good news? We can do something about it! A large-scale study of elementary students revealed that reading four to five books over the summer potentially can prevent a decline in reading achievement scores from the spring to the fall. (SOURCE: Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk)

How you can help:

Come by either of our locations and drop off books to donate. It’s that simple!

KC Framing Corner
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Idaho Falls

Framing Corner
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