Working With Your Frame Designer

With custom framing you can get exactly what you want for your art and memorabilia. As you work with one of our well-trained Designer’s, you will see the advantages to having a knowledgeable framer who will care for your art and design.

Frame Design Takes Time. This won’t be a quick errand so allow your self a sufficient amount of time to spend with the Designers. We try to get to a great design fairly quickly, using our knowledge of what is available and what works.  We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.  We try to get to a great design so as not to waste your time or make the selection too difficult.

Talk To Us. If you have a design in mind, let us know.  However remember that you don’t need to have it all designed before you come in. We can work from scratch. We’re here to help, and we have lots of ideas. Let us know upfront if there is a requirement, such as a color scheme in the room you would like it placed or if there is a space limitation. We may also ask about the environment of the space – lighting, humidity, etc. All of this will give us an idea of what products to suggest for your design.

There Are No Design Rules. We want you to love your piece and we want you to enjoy your design experience. We will have suggestions on how to make you art look best but the ultimate  choice is yours. The perfect frame for one is not the perfect frame for all. However also keep in mind that framing can not make your art something it is not. We can’t make a small piece fit the length of your buffet or bring out colors in a black and white print.

There Are Rules For Original Art. As Picture Framers we are not allowed to alter your original art in any way. We will not cut it down, apply fixatives or lacquers to it. We are committed to use methods that are 100% reversible and will not damage or alter your original art in any way. We consider our selves art caretakers and will preserve your original art so it will maintain its integrity.

We Like Props. We want your art to look its best as it leaves the shop and in its future space. If your decor is specific, bring color samples with you – paint chips, fabric samples, so we can avoid clashing with your decor.

Keep An Open Mind.   There may be ways of framing your art that you haven’t even thought of.  One of the best reasons to get your framing done at KC Frames is that our designers know how to make art look great.