Beach & Sun all year round


Frame your Vacation Photographs to keep warm memories through the year.

What if you could bring the warmth of your recent vacation to your home?

At KC Framing Corner, we are always looking for new ways to help you personalize your home and preserve cherished memories.

Beach Framed Art Prints from your vacation will make a beautiful addition to your bedroom at home. Nothing adds warm memories and brings sunshine to your life quite like professionally framed photos from your vacation.

Just bring your printed photography to either of our locations at KC Framing Corner and we’ll handle the rest.



Do you have some beautiful vacation photos you have on your phone or camera, just waiting to be brought to life? Call us today or come in to see our huge selections of frames!


Framing Corner Under New Ownership!



Owner, Pam Peterson, and staff at KC Frames are excited to announce the purchase of The Framing Corner on 17th street in Ammon! 

This year, we are celebrating 40 years of serving customers in this community and wish to welcome existing and new customers to our new location in Ammon. 

We have some very exciting news that we will be announcing over the next couple months, so stay tuned. 

Our continued focus is providing excellence in framing to our customers and we would like to send out a big warm welcome to former Porter’s customers looking for quality framing in the area. We are looking forward to helping you with all of your framing needs. 

If you haven’t already, please follow the link below to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our happenings in store and specials. 


Thank you for your continued support of our local Small business. 


Oh, the places you’ll go


“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
― Dr. SeussOh, The Places You’ll Go!

Remember that road trip last summer? The one where your kids were able to see Mt. Rushmore in person? Or Old Faithful up close? Don’t let those precious memories slip away! Frame them today. Bring your maps, photos and other road trip memorabilia into either of our locations to see how we can help put together something amazing for you to treasure forever.

Taking a cool road trip this summer? Bring your keepsakes & pictures into our store and we’ll help you keep them forever.

Here are just a couple of ideas from roadtrips that you can add to your home!

Shoes and Art Make Smiles


When I was kid we didn’t have a lot, as far as possessions go.  But we were a happy. At one point we had tragedy strike our family very near Christmastime. I don’t remember what Christmas gifts I received or who we celebrated with but I do remember the  love and kindness we were shown. So many people poured out love on to my family that year. I specifically remember a wonderful, kind woman taking my sisters and I shopping for new winter clothes (brand new! not just hand-me-downs!) What a  lasting impact that kindness has made on my life, even today.

It can be hard around this time of year, as Charles Dickens so eloquently stated, “because it is at Christmastime that want is most keenly felt, and abundance rejoices”.

Well, we wanted to make a difference… Locally.

And we knew exactly what we wanted to do.


Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? They put a spring in your step and just makes you feel good!

Putting on a new pair of shoes is like putting on a smile, it can change your whole perspective on the day. And a child’s smile is what we live for this season.

We have partnered with The Haven Shelter in Idaho Falls to bring shoes to children in our community who need them. (I don’t think we could have picked more grateful recipients.)

But we wanted you to smile, too! So when you bring new kids shoes to KC Frames we don’t want you to go home empty handed.  We would love you to pick from a variety of art from our “Shoes and Art Make Smiles” art bins. A gift of thanks to you for your kindness. Then, if you choose to have your trade-in art custom framed that day, we will donate 30% of the profit to The Haven as well.

Please join us to make a difference in the community this season. We want everyone smiling!

Surprises Around Every Door


We’ve been decorating with doors for a while here. We also like to hide things around the shop for the novice explorer to find; who doesn’t like a treasure hunt. (Can you find the Gnome?)

We recently made a little addition to our beautiful doors.

So come on in, ask for the key and see if you can find the hidden door and the treasures inside.

Here’s a sneak peak:









Work and Whimsy


Everyone knows I love Alice…

Yes, Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A crazy mixed up girl who tries to behave practically in a crazy mixed up world. I love her! I love the Disney Cartoon, I love the books, and I even love the ride!

IMG_0249I have a little Alice Lego Figure on my desk that my son worked tirelessly to find for me for a surprise. I have a little Alice Tsum-Tsum stacker that was used to top my birthday cup-cake which my sister prepared  for me when my niece and I shared our Tsum-Tsum birthday party (I promise, my beautiful 6 year old niece picked that theme).  These serve as a reminder to me not to take myself too seriously and that there is something whimsical, funny and delightful about this world.

When I arrived at work today, I immediately started completing a fun project (more on that Friday, because it’s a surprise that I don’t want to spoil). I’m a hard-worker and I attribute these work ethics to the wonderful people who influenced my childhood: my parents, my parents friends, my grandparents and my first bosses, Gene and Connie Clements. As many of you may know they are the founders of this little frame shop. I was taught to do things well and right and to be proud of the work I had done. If I don’t do it well then it’s just not done and I do thrive on “DONE”.

What does this have to do with Alice…? I know I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

When I finally got to the office and sat down to start this post, I found this hiding behind my monitor:


I went to my computer 5 times today, so focused on the tasks at hand that I never even noticed this HUGE PINK THING! It’s beautiful and I love it!

This is the best place to work and if you don’t think I mean, please come in. We all love it here and it shows! Yes, occasionally we have bad days, everyone does. We even have little spats every once in a while but we get over it because we are family here and we love each other.

So, Thank you Pam. You are the best boss ever and it is the most beautiful rock and it made my day. And thank you Gene and Connie for the wonderful example you set for me.